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Getting Started

Getting started on the adventure of a lifetime!
  1. Attend an information session 
    This is the first step of the journey. These 30-45 minute sessions are held twice weekly during the semester. The session will cover study abroad opportunities at ODU, eligibility requirements, scholarships and planning. All students interested in studying abroad must attend one of these sessions. For a schedule of upcoming sessions, please click here.

  2. Make an individual appointment with a study abroad advisor
    Once you have completed the online advising application you created at the group advising session, budget worksheet, and academic plan, you can make an individual appointment with a study abroad advisor. During this one-on-one appointment, you will discuss application procedures, transfer credit approval, financial aid, scholarships and ask any questions you have about studying abroad.
  3. Apply for a program
    Once you and your study abroad advisor have found a program that matches your interests, goals, academics, and budget, you will complete the application for that program on ODUAbroad. It is important to meet the Center for Global Engagement's application deadlines, which can be found here. Some programs have deadlines that differ from the general date, so be sure to check your program's specific deadline on its program page in ODUAbroad.
Note: Allow yourself plenty of time to complete a program application, finish your academic planning, fulfill financial aid and scholarship requirements, and get ready to study abroad. Typically application deadlines range from three months to one year before the program starts.

2021 Faculty-Led application deadlines:
Spring Break: November 6, 2020
Summer: February 5, 2020